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We believe that every educator has the potential to be a leader and change-maker, and our goal is to provide them with the tools and support they need to succeed...

The VEN Certified™ Facilitator Course


Transform your facilitation. Transform educator support and learning.

This self directed course prepares individuals to run The Virtual Educator Network. The VEN™ is a virtual, interactive, collaborative experience that supports and validates any educator professional who wants to improve teacher and student outcomes

Learn research proven skills that improve relationships, communication, and problem-solving for teachers.

Upon completing this course, you will become part of The VEN Certified™ Facilitator Community, a select group of individuals who understand The VEN Method™.  

Course Overview

This course covers:

  • Facilitation strategies to improve communication, build relationships, and foster a safe educational space.

  • An overview of The VEN professional development support model.

  • Problem solving process for solving problems of practice in education.

  • Research and theories on how adults learn and how to get individuals to deep learning.

  • Communication and Listening practical implementation practice.

Peers working.jpeg

This isn't your typical teacher professional development support.

Benefits of enrolling in this course

  • Receive a copy of The VEN Facilitation guide containing strategies you can implement to reduce teacher isolation in your schools immediately.

  • Receive a process and strategies that foster productive dialogue. No more problem admiration!

  • Earn life time enrollment in The VEN Certified Community of Facilitators online space.

  • Obtain a VEN Certified Facilitator Certificate of Completion 

  • Strengthen your teaching skills and teaching practice.


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