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You're Always Supported

Currently, education is an industry heavy on accountability but lacking in support. You’ve experienced the frustration of federal regulations, lack of funds, disagreements on education implementation, lack of respect for your profession, the diversity of student needs…the list is endless. 


Now you have the support you need through The VEN™. Here, educators support each other and use their expertise to brainstorm solutions to challenges.  This is not a “sit and get” style or “train the trainer” approach to PD.  This is an “educators come together from all levels, roles, and positions and use your expertise to help your fellow colleagues tackle challenges they’re facing in their classrooms, offices, gyms, and media centers” type of model.  In the process, relationships are built, validation is give, creative ideas are born, and problems are addressed.

A Revolution in Online Professional Development

Educators! Your time has come. You finally have the virtual platform and network you have always needed and wanted for continuing your education and collaboration with peers. 

Educators need support now, more than ever, for the challenges and problems you are facing every day in and out of the classroom. The VEN™ brings a dynamic virtual professional platform that works with your busy schedule.


Click on the video to learn more about the components of The VEN.™

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Ready For Something Different?

Imagine coming together with other educators from all levels of education and a variety of roles. Support staff, teachers, counselors, and all your peers. Interact with professionals with varying degrees, years of experience, and backgrounds. 

In the past, you would have only met with colleagues in the same grade or school level. While this will always remain important, our research shows that VEN™ participants experience more support and a higher willingness to incorporate new ideas and strategies. When you are excited about something and get encouragement, it shows! 


Ultimately, your students benefit the most from your collaboration and professional development.

Taking Professional Development One Step Further

In the past, you didn’t have a professional development facilitator to guide collaboration and support. You do now! 

Our trained facilitators work alongside educators through The VEN™ process. They lead your group through a tested protocol, ask guiding questions, keep the conversation productive, encourage participation, and maintain accountability for all participants.

The VEN™ is a safe space that fosters sharing.

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